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Tristan's Ex
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Tristan Kirby
Location: Vixen Street, White Oaks Hill, Caldwell
Target: Caroline Bien-Aime
Kloud Krew
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Caroline sees Heather
Kloud Krew catch up to Tristan's car.
Reward: Pine Ridge Apartment is now a safehouse for Tristan
Unlocks: Right to Business
Unlocked by: Troubled Past

Tristan's Ex is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf self-given by Tristan Kirby.


Heather arrives at Tristan's place as he is about to have a trick of whiskey and she tells him that Demetrius is going back on his word and is trying to kidnap her. Tristan tells Heather about his Ex-girlfriend and that she just told him that she was going to come over. Tristan decides to take her for a drive in order keep Caroline from seeing her and protect her from the Kloud Krew. He explains to her that she was arrested by the cops but someone paid her bail and believes Caroline to be dangerous.

Tristan drives Heather around White Oaks Hill in order to avoid Caroline as she drives in a red pickup and the Kloud Krew members attempt to catch up to Tristan as speeds off. He puts Enzo on speaker with his phone ask him to track Caroline's movements in order to make sure he doesn't go down the same road as her.

Eventually both parties give up and leave the area allowing Tristan to drive up to Pine Ridge as decides to stay with Heather in order to keep the Krew and Caroline away from her.


  • Drive away from Vixen Street and don't let Caroline see Heather or the Kloud Krew members catch up.

The player has to drive away from Vixen Street while listening to Enzo on Caroline's location and making sure the Kloud Krew don't catch up. Tristan discusses his previous relationships with Heather as she was open in explaining her relationships while Enzo tells him to change streets. Caroline will immediately give up if the player manages to leave Caldwell but the Kloud Krew will remain in pursuit for several minutes before giving up.

  • Go to Heather's apartment.

After both parties give up; Tristan decides to take Heather back to her apartment and decides to stay with her in order to avoid the Kloud Krew while they try to figure out how to get rid of Caroline.


Tristan has access to Heather's apartment as a safehouse and any attempts to go back to Vixen Street will result in the Kloud Krew coming after him.