Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For E-Wash
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted, E-Wash Dies, E-Wash loses the Race, Race is Disbanded
Rewards $3000

Street Races

Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
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Helping Hand

Last Things

(Only if Defence is completed)

Underground is a mission in Vengeance in Los Santos it is given by E-Wash.


Joe goes to E-Wash's house and asks what's next. E-Wash says that a race is going to be taking place later and that he wants to win. Joe looks at E-Wash's car. Which is an unmodified Tornado. Joe says that the car isn't going to win the race. E-Wash replies that he knows that and has a plan. The plan involves Joe planting a bomb on one of the opposition's cars. Then E-Wash will flood the engine while the others speed off, and Joe will then detonate the bomb. Making it easy for E-Wash to win the Race. Joe says it's his only shot and prepares.

Joe heads to one of the oppositions Cars before the race. He then plants the bomb onto it. E-Wash purposely floods the engine, and the others speed off. Joe then calls the Detonation number, and the Car blows up. Causing a chain reaction of cars exploding. E-Wash then wins the race and gives Joe half of the Prize Money. Telling him, he'll have more work soon.

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