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Unwanted Alliance
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Tristan Kirby
Location: Pine Ridge, Caldwell
Target: Kloud Krew
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Reward: $1000 and Ability to buy an SMG and Shotgun at Ammu-Nation
Unlocks: Stop Following Me
Unlocked by: Right to Business

Unwanted Alliance is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf self-given by Tristan Kirby.


Tristan arrives at the apartment and drinks a couple of beers before receiving a phone call from Heather telling him that Demetrius wants to meet with him in Sangamon. She tells him that she has gone for drive and won't be seeing him.

Tristan goes to the meet in Sangamon where Demetrius explains in order get their full protection; he must swear to an alliance with the Kloud Krew by handing over his private information and have a broken sun cross branded onto his back. However, half through giving his information; Tristan has second thoughts with the leader of the Krew telling that backing out of an alliance makes him a marked man. An iCentral Hoods member kills one of the Krew members as Tristan makes a run for it and another Hoods member picks him up. The member of the Hoods tell him he was paid by Heather to stop Tristan from going through with the alliance.

They switch seats as the Krew comes after Tristan and fires at the their rivals as Tristan flees from Sangamon. The Hoods member is killed as he arrives in White Oaks Hill before Tristan is able to trick drive the Krew members through a police auction and leaves them at the mercy of the cops.

Tristan returns to the apartment and learns from Heather that Demetrius' suspecting a hit on him due to Tristan outburst in the previous mission.


  • Go to the meet.

The player heads off to Sangamon to meet the Kloud Krew and upon arrival a cutscene plays with Tristan nearly agreeing to the alliance but backs out of it and is assisted by the iCentral Hoods in escaping the Krew.

  • Escape from the Krew.

The player has to drive the Phoenix while the Hoods member shoots at the Krew members and goes down a path suggested by the Hoods member. After driving for several miles; the Hoods member is killed by a Krew member forcing Tristan to push him out of the car and continue alone until receiving a phone call from Heather telling him there is a police auction.

  • Lure the Krew members to the police auction in Modestview.

The player lures the remaining Krew members to the police auction and causes the police to converge on the Krew members while the player is able to leave in peace.

  • Return to the apartment.

The player then has to return to the apartment in order to complete the mission.


  • Kloud Krew members - Killed by the iCentral Hoods in order to protect Tristan.
  • iCloud Hoods member - Killed by a Krew member.


The leader of the Hoods sends Tristan $1000 so that the player can buy weapons and learn how to shoot.