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Hello, I'm just a fan fiction maker from South Korea, as my nickname says. I'm currently making various and realistic patches and DLCs in Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes.

If you have any interest and question, please visit my articles and share your thoughts. You can do this at my Message Wall, too.

Tips for creation and editing

Fanon Wiki references

General inspirations

  1. GTA Fandom
    The source of everything.
  2. GTA Myths Wiki
    A library you can find some horrible theories about GTA series.
  3. Wikipedia
    The source of most information I need in real life.
  4. Lots of similar or unique games
    I always check them whenever I need inspiration.
    1. Saint's Row Wiki
      One of GTA clones, but it WAS and it's still unique.
    2. Sleeping Dogs Wiki
      Legacy of True Crime series, another one of GTA clones, but it's also still unique. It's pitiful that there's no sequel of this masterpiece. It helps to think about good perks and rewards.
    3. Payday Wiki
      It helps to make simple missions and robberies bigger like heists. And customizations like safehouse and masks.
    4. Yakuza Wiki
      Useful whenever I have to make side missions or characters. Their substories are fun.
    5. The Sims Wiki
      Frankly it's not connected with GTA, but it helps to create nice customization options, housing safehouses and social activities. Like this
  5. And of course, a lot of action movies
    I'll omit the list, because it's too many as you know. Anyway it also helps to give me feelings 'what is action'.
    1. Heroes Wiki and Villains Wiki
      Well I didn't check them well, but I think they'll give lots of information when I need to make nice characters. (I hope, seriously)


Missions and others

  1. Wikipedia:Criminal law
    List of crimes.
  2. Random Crimes in True Crime: LA
    Simple list of crimes.
  3. Criminal History Generator
    Well it's actually a macro, but it's very useful. Frankly, other generators including city block and modern business names are useful too.
  4. GTA3 Ped list
    Useful for refering specific model in GTA3 missions.
  5. GTA:VC Ped list
    Useful for refering specific model in GTA:VC missions.
  6. GTA:SA Ped list
    Useful for refering specific model in GTA:SA missions.

Random generators

  1. Town Name Generator 1
    Up to 100.
  2. Town Name Generator 2
    6 results in one time, clicking shows new 6 results and keep previous names.
  3. Gang Name Generator
    Interesting, but not my style mostly.
  4. Random Word Generator
    It really helps to catch characteristics and make concepts.

Fandom Edits

  1. Linking other Fandom articles
    Use interwiki link like [[w:c:name of other fandom:name of article|Texts want to show]] (ex. Fixer from Liberty City)
    Or, you can use Template:GTA for using this easier, by writing like {{GTA|Wade Johnson|Fixer from Liberty City}}.
    Notice that it won't work in Preview and right after editing, needs some time, as Community Central says.
  2. Linking external links
    Simply copy external link and write like [external_link external link].
    Notice that spaces cannot be used in links.
  3. Editing and decorating tables
    See Link #1 and Link #2.
  4. Sorting categories
    See Category:Locations. I wrote some rules about this.
  5. List of all categories
    See the list.
    We must check this and terminate everything useless.
  6. List of all templates
    See the list.
    We must also check this and terminate.
  7. List of all 'Help' articles of Fandom [MOST IMPORTANT]
    See the Help:Contents in Community Central, biggest manual and FAQ section for Fandom users.
    Alternatively, you can see the list in GTA Fandom. Actually they're also linked to Community Central, but it helps to check most famous helps to GTA Fandom users (and us, probably).

Under Construction

  1. ShowHide template
    See Template:ShowHide. There's also tips for how to use.
  2. Character templates
    See Template:Character (updated), Template:Character Infobox Template.
    Maybe we should integrate or remodel them.
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