I'm not losing interest for Light & Shadow, but something are far more important.

The detailed story would finished faster, but not as detailed as it gonna be. I don't have time to write a full fanfiction texts with complete dialogues. I just want everything to be done as soon as possible so I can move on. I'm not gonna deserted Light & Shadow like many other abandoned projects here, it's one of the popular works here.

In case of someone in the future interested in continuing the project, please don't change everything that has been written. If you want to create a full fanfic out of this, make sure to follow each character's personalities for the story. I'm also welcolmed better fanart (unnecessary)

April 2020

Updated April 2020: So far so good. The rewrites is actually just a "remaster" of the previous writings as no much changed. I glad to have more time to develops it.

June 2020

Updated 1: I have considered on adding a player decision in one-third before the story end. After Rodrigo nearly kill all of the trio and they cannot find him, they frustated and thinking into leaving Rodrigo's alone by abandoning their long-con. There are two options: (a) leave the long-con plan, or (b) stick to the plan.

If option (a) is choosen, they will cut their ties and defeat "The Network" separately (i.e. Thomas went on to kill Felipe alone). If option (b) is choosen, Rodrigo will seize "The Network", but the trio manages to kill him later on. Both ending have their own consequences, with the major one being the trio relationships.

Update 2: I have an idea of a story DLC which focuses on the Colombian Cartel, with a new protagonist and gang management gameplay. The story will intertwine the event of Light & Shadow and continue to fill the gap between the game's end and it's epilogue (winter 2017-summer 2018). I shall begin to work on it once all mission articles completed.

July 2020

Update 1: I can't access my laptop right now, where my game sketches are stored. So as you can see, no much updates in the last few days. I now working on a good chart design, to help me catch up with the story. (As the reader, it's pretty messy right now in this wiki - there are plenty of paged contradict to each other, etc - because I barely able to edit from mobile phone).

My target is to finish the story right at the game's fictional release date (October 30, 2020).

Update 2: Just thought of a good idea to improve, adding more weight to the story. Will be added pretty much later.

Update 3: I was thinking about adding a new game mechanic: a dialogue choices which featured in some missions (where the protagonist(s) persuade the target(s)). Player's choice will determine the target's trust (how much he/she believes in the player's deception). Technically an opposite of L.A. Noire interrogation moment, where player needs to good at lying and convincing.

There is also a feature to see the protagonist's fake identity, includes name, occupation, and traits.

August 2020

Some list of features that I planned to explore more in the project:

  • Limited character customization: player can only choose a complete outfit for a character. However, each outfit has their own gameplay effects (e.g. different stealth adventage for darker clothes/wearing summer clothes allow player to infiltrate a beach party without interrupt anyone).
    • There will be some outfits that referenced to other Rockstar characters' outfits. For example, Andrea's "Noir" suit will be similar to L.A. Noire sharpshooter outfit; and Maria can wear the same style as Fabiana Branco or Debra. Despite the restriction, the outfit can be modified. For example, player can chose to wear a tie, bowtie, or nothing when choosing a tuxedo.
    • Hair/facial hair growth similar to RDR 2. Maria's hair growth rate will be 40% faster than Thomas and Andrea. Hair will realistically blown by wind without altering the original hairstyle.
  • Removal of special abilities and focuses on individual character's specialized skill (shooting, driving, and strength).
  • Ability to use any weapons while inside a vehicle IF the player is in the passenger seat or if the vehicle stop.
  • Completing a mission with gold medal will award player with a piece of golden weapon (golden pistol, SMG, and rifle/like in TBOGT) which comes with an extended clip, double damage, and ignore the normal ammo capacity limitation.
  • Director Mode as 100% Completion award.
  • Diverse gang AI: Street hustlers and lower-class gangs are less organized in big combat, having moderate strength and shooting skill, and most likely run away after most of them are defeated. Bigger gangs like cartels and mafias have a better combat skill and weaponry. Enemies can pick up dropped weapons, swim, and dive.

September 2020

  • I'm thinking about replacing Thomas' actor to Alex Russell. Not only because he nearly look the same as Thorp, but i also look for more images to support my story (in which Thorp lack from it).
  • Also, i intends to replace Thomas name, it just sounds a bit uninteristing.
"At this point, I believe that the entire fictional Light & Shadow concept will be finished before the real Grand Theft Auto VI announced."
―Author's note
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