Vehicles are a vital component in Grand Theft Auto RevolutionA number of them appear in the game allowing for land, sea and air transport as well as the ability to quickly transverse the world of Grand Theft Auto.

The following is a list of vehicles that appear in Grand Theft Auto Revolution, unlike previous titles multiple variants and generations are available.


Compacts and Hatchbacks

  • Vapid Tychi
  • Weeny Issi
  • Vapid Pivot 
  • Burgerfahrzeug Plaid
  • Moonda Demio
  • Bollokan LangDong
  • Dinka Cruise
  • Wanton Neo Hatch

Sedans and Station Wagons

  • Cheval Pursuit
  • Benefactor Kecsk Class-A
  • Annis Soonta
  • Cheval Bourret
  • Chariot Vessel
  • Vapid Meld
  • Willard Skylark 

Sports Cars and Grand Tourers

  • Karin Superior
  • Moonda Miata
  • Dinka Tochigi
  • Pegassi Gandini
  • Pfister Stryder 

The Vapid Tichi is a three door hatchback manufactured by Vapid Motor Company from 1994 to present day. All three generations have a three-door hatchback model with the first generation having a convertible version called the Streetchi.


The Tichi is modeled after the Ford Ka and takes some design cues from the Ford Fiesta

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