Alongside the original vehicles featured in Grand Theft Auto V, these listed here are the vehicles that are exclusive to The After Dark Scene. Click here for the separate list of original vehicles.


Motorcycles Coupes Sedans  Muscle  Sports


A returning feature from another Rockstar Studios game, Red Dead Redemption, Horses and horse-riding is available to the game; A first in the Grand Theft Auto Series.


  • Most of the vehicle naming processes were verbalized and then anagrammed into a unique word. For example: The Peugeot RCZ was named the Adzesare after the letters where made into words (R C Z to Are Sea Zed) and then under went an anagram process, which uses all letters combined to make a new word. Other cars include the Peugeot 208 (2 0 8 to Two Oh Ate) is the Whoatote and the Ferrari 458 (4 5 8 to Four Five Ate) is the Aoeuvre.