Vic Delaney

Early Life

Victor Delaney experienced a rougher than average childhood, Born in rural Australia he was already off to a tough start, though his father discovered a way to fast track his way to wealth with a job offer from a comrade he served with during a series of unknown conflicts in Southeast Asia.

Carter Delaney, Victor's father saw this job opportunity as a way of both bettering his financial wellbeing and hardening up his son and exposing him to the outside world. And so, the two traveled to South Africa. At this point Victor was 12 years of age and already accustomed to his life in Australia, convinced by his father that Africa and Australia differ little he more or less accepted his new life, naive to the chaotic nature of his fathers new occupation. It didn't take long for Victor to realize the line of work his father pursued was far from normal, riddled with extortion, greed and violence he wanted to leave and distance himself from his father and those he worked with, though Victor was easily convinced to stay with his father's manipulation and promise of wealth far beyond his imagination. Like father like son, wealth was was weakness for both Delaneys.

Fast forward 8 years and Victor was in second command with Carter as the Chief of their illegal weapons distribution business aswell as a Diamond mining operation situated in West Africa they would work together to earn a large sum of money for the next 20 years.

Family feud