Vice City Police Department
Leader: Chief of Police Franklin Schrader
City: Vice City
County: Vice-Francis County
State: Tequesta
Districts: 3
Weapons: Glock 22

The Vice City Police Department (VCPD) is the municipal law enforcement agency of Vice City, Tequesta. The VCPD is based on the Miami Police Department (MPD).

Vice City Bureau of Investigation

In association with the Federal Investigation Bureau, this special subdivision are responsible for investigating Vice City's criminal underworld.

In Light & Shadow, they're the one whose complete the Majestic 12, list of 12 prominent gang figure in Vice City. For some unknown reason, they keep the list away from the main Police department itself. With FBI aid, they attempt to arrest the Majestic 12, but all mission always leads to failure.

Vice Squad

A special branch of highly-trained undercover cop was created back in the 80s in response of the ongoing gang activities and still operated today. They usually dressed casually around gang turf.