Victor Sax
Victor Sax
Appearance(s): GTA: King of The Hill
Also known as: Vic, Vix
Status: deceased
Gender: M
Date of birth: 1984
Date of death: 2013 (?/Age 29)
Nationality: Mexican
Family: Manuel (Brother/Deceased)
Main affiliation: Ortega, Aztecas, Perry Harris, Miklos Lipton, Perry's Faction
Businesses: Arms trade
Drug trade
Voiced by: Gael Garcia
"When people say drugs and guns are bad, it's pretty clear they've never tried to make money off them."
―Victor Sax

Victor Sax is a main character and tertiary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill.

Victor is one of the underbosses of Varrios Los Aztecas. Also, Victor is second-in-command of Aztecas Boss Ortega.


Victor is an Aztecas Underboss who is in charge of the gang's drug trade in Blaine County. Victor is also an associate of Perry Harris, a Merryweather soldier and local mastermind.

Events in King of The Hill

Victor first meets the game's protagonist, Miklos Lipton, when Miklos and Perry steal an RV as a favor for him. Later on, because of Perry's suggestion, Miklos starts his journey to gain power, money, and fame by taking over the criminal underworld of Los Santos. Victor is happy to help him defeat his sworn enemies, especially the Armenian Mafia led by Alan Nazarian.

Miklos and Victor work together and weaken the Armenians by killing Nazarian's assistant Eduard Khachaturian, destroying their plane full of weapons and putting two of their associate biker gangs, Lost MC and Drebin Family, against each other. Nazarian eventually surrenders and Miklos add the Armenians to his empire.

Betrayal and Apparent Death

A long time later, Perry betrays Miklos and takes over his empire. Miklos vows revenge on Perry and tries to get Victor help him. Victor though has already sided up with Harris, and sends his men against Miklos to collect the bounty NightHawk has put on him.

Miklos chases Victor to McKenzie Airfield and blows up his plane, about to take off. Miklos and everyone else assumes Victor got killed in the explosion, even though his body is nowhere to be found.

Personality and Traits

Victor is a sniveling bastard who has big impressions of himself, but is truly a coward and insecure. Victor has a similar background with Miklos and he's worked hard to get the position he's currently in and is keen to keep it.

Victor's main interests in life are money, cash and profit, but he's seen to care about people close to him as he goes on a blind rage when he find out about his brother's demise.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill

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