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Violet Flames
Locations: Iroquois City
Motor City
Leaders: Unknown
Type: Albanian Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Three-Oh-One
Affiliations: Tristan Kirby
Colors: Violet
Vehicles: Sentinel
Weapons: Pistol
Heavy Pistol
Assault Rifle
Carbine Rifle
Repeating Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Businesses: Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing
Jury Tampering
Arms Dealing
Money Laundering
Car Theft
Fronts: Esposito Designs

Violet Flames is an Albanian Mafia operating in Beer City and Mad City in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


Violet Flames is based on the former Detroit gang The Purple Gang and the Milwaukee crime family.

Their main enemies are the Three-Oh-One gangsters while avoiding any relationship with the Heartworks Mob. They mostly remain in the State of Aganing and State of Uzumati. However, they were forced to move a drug deal into the State of Lincoln after they were compromised by the Bureau of Narcotics and Drug Observation Agency.


Violet Flames often wear violet-coloured clothing normally consisting of cargo shorts, violet shirts, and violet runners or cargo pants, violet sweaters, and brown boots.


  • Gezim Tolka - Leader
  • Fatime Tolka - Vice Leader and daughter of Gezim.