Wallace Fordham
Biographical information
Full name Wallace Allen Fordham
Nickname(s) "Hawk" (by Secret Service)
Born March 19th, 1950
Citizenship American
Family Connie Fordham (wife)
Physical description
Hair Gray
Eyes Light-brown
Height 6'1"
Weight 224 lbs.
Career information
Occupation Army General (formerly)


Affiliations United States of America
Other information
Appears in Flaws of Power
"Joe said he made some big donation to this place years ago...where the fuck did it all go?"
―Wallace Fordham

Wallace A. Fordham is/was the Vice-President of the United States of America under Joe Lawton in the Grand Theft Auto and Bully Universe.


Wallace Fordham is a middle-aged man of toned build, who stands at 6'1".


As the Vice-President to Joe Lawton, Wallace’s primary role in the administration has been to advise him on foreign and military decisions. However, he takes his role more seriously than cutting ribbons and attending funerals by carefully taking advantage of the potential of his offices' power to better guide the President towards a successful tenure. While the Vice-President’s job of being the head of the Senate has become merely ceremonial, Wallace has frequently taken his seat during Senate sessions in an effort to oversee legislation and occasionally, force it to pass.

He also keeps a watchful eye on the President’s current and probable allies in an attempt to further the administration's agenda. If any are to seriously step out of line, Wallace is not above dirty tricks to fiercely retaliate against those who would drop their support on a major policy proposal or cut their donations abruptly. Very few are known to have crossed him, yet his tactics include uncovering scandals for treacherous politicians and appealing to a competitor when it comes to dealing with two-faced lobbyists. Despite serving in the military for most of his life prior to his selection as running-mate, Wallace is extremely knowledgeable in government and politics.

Additionally, Wallace is no pushover. Knowing that many of his predecessors have seldom maintained acceptable relationships with their respective Presidents, he continuously seeks to make himself relevant by recommending policies and suggestions. However, Joe has oftentimes treated Wallace dismissively by ignoring his opinions in favor of pursuing the counsel of cabinet officers in his first years in office. This displacement wears on Wallace from time to time, yet he allows minor instances pass, only to let Joe discover his own fault sometimes.


Early Life

Wallace Fordham was born in Ashburton, Huron in 1950, to a middle-class family that operated a cleaning business.

Military career

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Personal Life

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  • U.S. Army General: (Fourteen Years)
  • Joint Chief of the Army: (Until resignation)
  • Vice President of the United States: January 20th, 2005-present


  • Wallace Fordham is heavily based on former Vice-President Dick Cheney.
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