Wally Haygaard
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Ludendorff
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 4, 1962
Place of birth: Fergo, North Yankton
Home: Lergdon Drive, Ludendorff, North Yankton
Nationality: American
Family: Margie Haygaard (Wife)

Charlie Haygaard (Brother)

Vehicle(s): 1993 Schyster Durango
Businesses: Technology Support Technician
No, you don't get t... and i'm sorry to interrupt but it's not right. When something is not right the old Wally would let it slide, but not this man. I have come to far for you to fuck everything up!
―Wally confronting Hugh.

Wally Haygaard is a 42-year-old male and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: LudendorffHe was a struggling technology support technician and cashier before murdering his wife and brother. Wally is a very timid, passive, and spineless man who is easily intimidated by anyone larger or smarter than him. Suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and being a perfectionist by nature, he is meticulous at everything he does.

Pushed to breaking point after a series of unacceptable events followed by catching his much more confident and successful brother having sexual intercourse with his ungrateful wife, he murders the two.

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