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Watch Your Speed is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by the Brotherhood of Just Sentinels to Tristan Kirby.


Tristan looks around before knocking on the door as the Brotherhood contact opens the slit. The contact tells Tristan that a street race has been organised in Danelaw by members of the Yamato Crew and explains that a race they held before cost the life of a couple of bystanders and a group of guests at a birthday party. The contact is fully aware of the Yamato Crew paying tribute but their attempt host another event shows they haven't learned their lesson and instructs Tristan to use the Warrior backed behind the hideout and to disable the car of the racers.

Tristan complies and takes the SUV to the street race where he disables each of the drivers with ease before the cops arrive with Tristan being roped in as they think he's another racer. Tristan manages to lose the cops.

After losing the cops - Tristan receives a text from the Brotherhood telling him to put the SUV into storage. Tristan complies before receiving another text to get in the car they left behind and uses it to sneak into the organiser's house in April Valley and steal the money pot.

After he manages to steal the money - he leaves the house and uses the car to leave April Valley. Before returning the car to the Brotherhood's hideout and leaving the money at the door of the hideout.


• ­Get in the Warrior.

• ­Head to the Street Race.

• ­Ram the street racers

• ­Lose the Cops.

• ­Store the Warrior in the Brotherhood's lookup.

• ­Get in the car.

• ­Drive to the Street Race's organiser house.

• ­Steal the money.

• ­Get back in the car.

• ­Leave the Area.

• ­Take the car to the Brotherhood's hideout.


As a result of this mission's completion - Tristan receives $4000 as a monetary reward.