Watson Elementary
Vital statistics
Game L&S MiniLogo
For Edisson Kingston
Location _, Vice City
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Killed the client before he shows the location
Rewards $300
Protagonist(s) Thomas Kingston
Andrea Acconcia
Previous Next
The Pressure Eye on The Eyes
Blood Brothers
"Alright Mr. Holmes, lead the way then"

Watson Elementary is the first mission in Light & Shadow given by Edisson Kingston to his son Thomas Kingston. It's also the first mission which involves Andrea Acconcia and the first with two playable characters.


Thomas arrives to the Kingston house after receive a call from Edisson. Wanted to let go the saturation with Jan Daniels complicated business, he agree. Thomas greeted by his father and his friend in Edisson private office.  
"Is this the son you're talking about?"
Edisson introduces his son to Andrea Acconcia, a fellow detective whose asked him for help in investigating "some gang coalition". However, the two feels clumsy at first and skeptical towards each other, tried to kept a distance. Despite all the awkwardness, Andrea trust Thomas to accompany him meeting his client in _. Andrea currently investigating a normal broken house case, his client is the husband who accuses his wife for hiding and selling drugs. However, the wife recently explain that it was the husband whose act suspicious and Andrea suspected him for lying about the drugs.  

The two arrives in _. The client welcome him and lead them to "a safer place" for the talk. As expected, it turns out to be an ambush set up by the client. The client already know that Andrea will asked his wife and found the truth, so he and his goons planned to kill him. Thomas and Andrea manages to defeat them, the client surrender after his feet broke by Thomas before he run away.  

Andrea thanks Thomas for helping him and let him to get back home while Andrea call the cops to arrest the client. Just when the call end and Thomas already leaves, Andrea realizes that Edisson's son has stole his wallet.  

Mission Objectives

  • Go to _.
  • Follow Andrea.
  • Follow The Client.
  • Defeat The Client and his goons.
    • Optional: Switch to Andrea (characters wheel tutorial, if player not played The Businessman yet.