Waylon P. Rosenthal
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords
Also known as: Rosey
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1969
Date of death: 2014 (Age 45)
Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed mother
Penelope Cash (Possible daughter (yeah, quite unlikely, though, perhaps, maybe))
Main affiliation: Christian Bell
Vehicle(s): Issi
"That creep loves money more than anything else. So much actually, that he just gathers it as much as possible and never spends any of it. Hell, bet the fool's having even sex with it."
Penelope Cash on Waylon Rosenthal

Waylon Rosenthal is Christian Bell's treasurer and the main antagonist Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords.


Waylon Rosenthal is music mogul Christian Bell's treasurer, who, as a greedy bastard he is, frequently steals his employers assets.

Events in Deadly Discords

In 2014, Chris Bell is badly in debt due to his cocaine addiction. He plans to arrange a big rock concert starring Impotent Insects to gather enough money. Waylon, who's been stealing cash from Chris' accounts over the years, doesn't like the idea as he wants Chris to go bankrupt to buy and gain control og his recording company.

Waylon gathers a group of goons to eliminate the band, but his plans are ultimately foiled by Chris' assistant Penelope Cash.

Waylon hides into Chris' old mansion. Penelope eventually finds and confronts him to get revenge. Before their final duel, Waylon says he is Penelope's long-lost father. Penelope doesn't believe and Waylon responds she doesn't have to. They fight with katanas, which ends in Waylon's demise.

Mission Appearances

Deadly Discords

  • Citizen Bell
  • Rescue Ranger (Post-mission phone call)
  • Haters Gonna Hate (Post-mission phone call/Betrayal)
  • No Encores (Post-mission phone call)
  • It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings (Killed)
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