Wayne Heron gang
Locations: Ludendorff, North Yankton
Liberty City
Leader: Wayne Heron
Enemies: Tommy Bell
Billy G. Gilliam
Affiliations: Felipe Hocker
Colors: Brown
Vehicles: Washington
Weapons: SMG
Businesses: Ammu-Nation
Liquore store
Drug trafficing
Hired guns

The Wayne Heron gang is a gang formed by Wayne Heron that serves as a major antagonistic group in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories.


The gang was formed by Wayne Heron in Liberty City sometime during 2009-2013 after he became a major figure in the city's organized crime.

Events in North Yankton Stories

When business man Felipe Hocker goes to Ludendorff, North Yankton to oversee the construction of a chemical plant his corporation is building, he takes Heron and his gang with him as henchmen.

Hocker is a collector of valuable vehicles, but instead of Heron gang, he hires a local biker gang, Drebin Family, to steal vehicles for him around Ludendorff since they know the area better. Meanwhile, Heron gang takes a foothold on the town by taking over an Ammu-Nation and a liquor store.

Unbeknownst to the Drebins and their friend and associate Tommy Bell, Hocker is planning not to pay them for the vehicles by conspiring a gang war between the Drebins and Heron gang.

Hocker first sends them to steal a chopper for him, knowing it's guarded by Herons. Attacking his businesses gets Wayne angry, causing him to arrange a meeting with Drebin Family leader, Daniel Drebin, and Tommy. They get into an argument, which ends up with Wayne getting killed by Tommy and the rest of the gang declaring war on him.

Heron gang then starts causing harm on Tommy's liquor store and his friend Billy Gilliam's Ammu-Nation to get payback. Tommy won't allow that, and strikes back, weakening Herons even more.

Realizing Tommy alone has defeated almost the entire mob, Hocker changes plans. He accuses Daniel for wearing a wire during their meetings and shows Tommy "a proof" of this. Tommy can't believe his best friend has betrayed him, snaps, and heads to the Drebins hideout. There he kills a bunch of members of the gang until he faces Daniel, who reveals Hocker claimed to him that Tommy has been wearing a wire.

Tommy realizes he's been tricked and calls Hocker, who reveals he has left Ludendorff with the vehicles and won't pay for them. Billy, in turn, reveals that Hocker's vehicles are still located in the scrapyard, causing Tommy to go and destroy them all. He also learns that also Hocker is still in town.

Tommy attacks the chemical plant, where the rest of the Heron gang tries to stop him from killing their employer. Tommy eventually succeeds, meaning the end of Wayne Heron gang.


  • Wayne Heron - Founder/Leader (Deceased)
  • Felipe Hocker - Associate (Deceased)

Mission Appearances

North Yankton Stories

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