Left Quotation Mark Nero
She drives better than ever, Shoji, I can't thank you enough.
Right Quotation Mark Nero
We Are Here to Make Some Noise
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Vital statistics
Game The After Dark Scene
For Jackie Hiroyuki
Location Las Venturas
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted/Totaled
Rewards 300$
Protagonist(s) Joe Ashimori
Shoji Onoda
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Livin' My Love Silhouettes

We Are Here to Make Some Noise is the ninth mission in The After Dark Scene stand-alone expansion, which involves the protagonist, Jackie Hiroyuki. Finally reunited with his baby, he goes on a cruise with his friends to see how she performs.


We follow Jackie as he speeds along the Las Venturas Highway at the turn of midnight, loose, fast, and aggressively. The Phoenix roars loudly, reaching the cusp of its horsepower as the engine screams down the street. The bug catcher flares, the bass in the trunk bellows, and flames shoot from the exhaust. Jackie just got it back from the auto shop, having totaled his 1977 classic a month ago in a rigged drag race in Bone Country. She drove better than ever, as Jackie cashed out heavily on the car, spending nearly half a million on repairs and modifications. The classic of yesteryear no longer drove like a decades-old car; Jackie paid extra so his mechanic could put a modern 2015 engine from the latest model into the classic 1977 shell. A bold, and possibly illegal, move which was worth the over expenditure, as the beast drove on par with modern muscle but still held the aesthetics of the old ways.

Jackie was teetering on top speed, the outside of the car deafening while the inside was insulated for sound dampening, allowing him to blast his music unaffected by the engine noise. The paint job was a pure black monochrome, which replaced the traditional gold/black tonal values with a more dastardly color scheme. The muscle blended into the night, only visible when it came under streetlights, At this time of night, the wageslaves have all gone home; the highway belongs to the dragsters. Trailing behind him was Joe Ashimori, his right-hand trickster, and following him was Shoji Onoda, their private mechanic, and connection in the automobile industry. Joe consistently tried to match the speed of Jackie, unsuccessfully, in his candy blue 1970 Bravado Gauntlet RT 440, while Shoji was cruising steadily in his snow-white Annis 2000GT-A. They shredded along the highway as if they were racing, or trying to outrun the police, but it was just a long-awaited test run for Jackie's reunion.

Naomi, he named her, and she was as beautiful as ever to him. Jackie rolled down the driver window and placed his hand on the roof, patting it as if it was a loyal dog, as an in-joke between the trio of Japanese racers.

Mission Objectives

  • Select Jackie
  • Get in Naomi
  • Meet up with the Crew
  • Fuel up at the RON Filling Station
  • Rob the Filling Station (Optional)
  • Race the Crew Home

Gold Medal Objectives

100% Gold Requirements for We Are Here to Make Some Noise
Put It In!
Rob the RON Filling Station.
King of the Streets
Drive the entire length of the Las Venturas Highway without losing first place.
Not a Scratch
Complete the mission with no vehicular damage.


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