Melee Weapons

HUD Name Price Description
Fists Fists Free Always reliable, always with you
Brass Knucles Brass Knucles $500 On a beating, nothing is cheating
Combat Knife Combat Knife Free Made out of stainless steel, this bad boy helped you a lot back in 'Nam
Dagger Dagger $400 Go antique style, and give the rivals a taste of the blade
Crowbar Crowbar Free Useful for busting doors open... as well as skulls
Broken Bottle Broken Bottle Free Very popular on bars and nightclubs


HUD Name Price Description
Pistol Westson .45 $7,000 Someone should stamp "sturdy" and "reliable" on this average firepower semi-auto pistol.
Combat Pistol Smytth Deacon $6,000 This lightweight, heavy damage semi-auto beats out the crap out of your foes.
Vintage Pistol Blackburn FAC-78 $5,500 Best ammo capacity among pistols thanks to a double stack high-capacity magazine.
Revolver Smytth M200 $7,500 Smoother action and accuracy, plus it'll punch a nice hole through a target. Perfect for Russian Roulette.
Heavy Pistol Westson Semi-Auto $6,500 Many of these standard-issue firearms ended up in circulation and on the streets after WWII.

Automatic Weapons

HUD Name Price Description
TEC Westson M867 A lightweight, readily available SMG whose durability made it a favorite in 'Nam.
Submachine Gun Czech Zkorpion H-87 Be sure to use short, controlled bursts with this lower-tier compact SMG.
Machine Gun Deustche M55B Cutting edge, the M55B offers the best in accuracy, damage, and ammo capacity.
AK Russian EZ-74 Default gun of rebellions, it's high rate of fire and stopping power more than make up for its average accuracy.
MSixteen M-99 This baby's got superior damage and accuracy among assault rifles thanks to a straight line layout.
Trench Gun Trench .566 This holdover from WWII is the common crooks' SMG of choice. Solid, for the price.


HUD Name Price Description
Rifle Hartmann .30 Solid control and a decent mag size for this entry-level rifle.
Sniper Rifle Mayweather .30 Bolt-action civilian-grade rifle with limited magazine size. Make your shots count with this one.
Heavy Rifle Viper 55  With its smooth action and high effective range, it was used by Black Ops during active service.


HUD Name Price Description
Pump Shotgun Barker 390 Fine for late-night hunting, it's a no-frills shotgun with standard ammo capacity.
Sawed-off Elmwood 1925 Some fools might see this sawed-off and figure it's for show. It's usually the last mistake they make.
Double-Barreled Lupara A solid starter shotgun if you don't mind something at the lower end of stopping power.

Heavy Weapons