Weapons play a major role in Grand Theft Auto: Ludendorff. Statistics from Grand Theft Auto V return, but feature more realism, firearms have an effective range and melee weapons break after excessive use. Some Assault Rifles and all Light Machine Guns are hard to obtain, just like in real life. Players are able to install various different attachments and modifications onto their firearms and weapons. These ranges from optics to extended magazines to the handgrips and even barbed wire.

Weapon noise ranges returns from Grand Theft Auto V.

List of Weapons

Melee Weapons


Fists return from Grand Theft Auto V and do less damage but can be strengthened.

  • Damage: 14.5 -  22.7




The Pistol is given to Wally by Hugh to defend himself. Two variants appear in the game: the Beretta 92G Elite and the Glock 17, but only one can be bought at Ammu-Nation and Uncle Buck's. The Pistol is a very well rounded weapon, with well-rounded stats of damage, accuracy, and range.

  • Cost: $350 - $400 - Ammu-Nation and Uncle Buck's
  • Damage: 50-19
  • Magazine Size: 15 Round Magazine (20 Rounds with Extended Mags)
  • Fire Rate: 645 RPM
  • Range: 45m
  • Accuracy: Weak

Combat Pistol

The Combat Pistol is more powerful than the standard Pistol but sacrifices ammunition capacity for damage, holding 10 rounds. It can only be purchased from Ammu-Nation and only one variant appear in the game: the HI-Point.45

  • Cost: $750 - Ammu-Nation
  • Damage: 55-19
  • Magazine Size: 10 Round Magazine (12 Rounds with Extended Mags)
  • Fire Rate: 625 RPM
  • Range: 50m
  • Accuracy: Weak

Machine Pistol

The Machine Pistol is a fully automatic 9mm with a 33 round high-capacity magazine. With a fire rate of 1200 RPM, it provides rapid suppressive fire designed for multi-target engagements. It cannot be purchased from any store and, like the Combat Pistol, only one variant appears in the game: the Glock 18.

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