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The Western War, also known as the Western War on Crime, is a war currently happening in the western United States.

Pre-war events

Sometime during January 2018, Los Angeles police chief Gunther Joseph announced his intentions to run for governor of the West. On March 6, 2018, he was sworn into office after having won weeks prior.

Course of the war

Great Purge (2018)

On the same day he was elected, Joseph formed a totalitarian government with a merciless police force and military. Within twelve hours, half of the West's criminals were either incarcerated and/or executed, or shot upon resistance to apprehension. This was known as the Great Purge.

Rioting (2018)

Very shortly after the Great Purge, criminals in the West who had not been caught became outraged. Under dangerous assassin Edwardo "La Matanza" Martinez, the criminals joined together in order to fight back. They quickly took to the streets and began killing police, leading to large-scale battles and riots. Shortly after, anarchists who weren't criminals but who opposed Joseph (or were criminals as well) joined the criminals. The riots lasted for two months.

Beverly Hills shooting (2018)

On May 1, 2018, an unknown perpetrator began opening fire from an assault submachine gun from the roof of a Beverly Hills Ponsonbys into a nearby crowd of people, killing eleven and wounding fifteen. Upon arrival of police, the perpetrator gunned down many fleets of cops and shot many helicopters out of the sky. This took place over approximately seven hours, and around 3,000 police were killed. The perpetrator was last seen slipping off the roof and disappearing into the shadows.


The perpetrator was described as a 6'5"-7'6" muscly Caucasian male in his mid-twenties wearing a pink balaclava and a beige trench coat. Some people closely matching his description have been linked to the Irish mafia.