Win-Win Situation
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Lincoln Jones
Location Lombank Tower, Downtown Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
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Point And Click Sample Test
Bad Boys Running Wild
Miklos: "Either I work for you, or my family is dead? This is getting too familiar."
Lincoln: "If it makes you feel better; I can think of other threats. How does completely removing you from history sound? I'm not running short on ideas. This is going to be a beautiful and prolific partnership..."
Miklos Lipton and Lincoln Jones

Win-Win Situation is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill. It is the first mission given to Miklos Lipton by Lincoln Jones.

Pre-Mission Phone Call

  • Jones: Mr. Lipton, I presume? I admire your work.
  • Miklos: Much obliged and who are you?
  • Jones: Well, I'm trying to introduce myself here. Lincoln Jones. The most important man in the US. I've been following you through your journey, and as I said, I do am pleased to see your progress. I would like to meet face to face. I've got a job offer for you.
  • Miklos: Sorry, Mr. Jones, but I don't work for anyone. Especially not for a person who just contacted me via a phone and I know nothing about...
  • Jones: Lombank tower. Room 66. Don't be late.


Miklos goes to Lombank tower room 66. There he meets Lincoln Jones. Jones introduces himself as the leader of the terrorist group NightHawk. He's been following Miklos' progress and would like to employ him for a job or two. If he declines, his cousin and girlfriend will be killed.

Having not much of a choice, Miklos agrees. Jones has planned something big, but first, he wants to see how well Miklos handles certain things. He sends Miklos to find a group of hoodlums that have been killing dealers working for the NightHawk and stealing their new experimental narcotics.

Miklos starts from the pharmacy near the place the dealers were killed and robbed. Seeing some thugs matching Jones' description, he goes to talk with them, but they escape. The hoodlums take the first car they encounter as their escape vehicle - a cement truck. Miklos does the same - also a cement truck - and goes after them.

The cement truck chase ends up to the hideout of the hoodlums. Miklos kill them all and grabs the drugs they ripped off from the NightHawk dealers. Jones, who somehow knows Miklos has retrieved the drugs, calls him and tells to stash the drugs in the trunk of a cab parked in front Richard Majestic Studios.

Miklos does that, and then receives another call from Lincoln, who tells him to come back to Lombank when he feels like it.


  • None


  • Go to the Pharmacy
  • Chase the Hoodlums
  • Get in the Truck
  • Follow the Hoodlums
  • Kill all the Hoodlums
  • Grab Lincoln's drugs
  • Take the drugs to Richard Majestic Studios

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete in 7:00
  • Headshots - Kill all enemies via headshot
  • Not a Scratch - Don't damage the cement truck