"Say buenas noches, you fools!"
―Mark Smith.
Wrong Side of the Bed is the twenty-first story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Driving Mr. Johnson

Unlocked by: Execution in the Mall

Reward: None

The mission is triggered by a phone call from Albert, saying he has been kidnapped by a mob of Spanish Lords and is being held at a junkyard over at Sunnyside and forces him to travel there before he dies.


  • Get to the junkyard as soon as possible before Max's health bar decreases.
  • Wipe off the goons.
  • Now go rescue Max.
  • Take out the kidnapper and aim carefully.
  • Get to safety.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Drive Max to the hospital.


Head to the junkyard where Max is being held at, but be there quickly as he has a health bar. There's a Carbine Rifle outside because there are at least more than 30 goons to finish off.

Find a suitable area and execute the many Spanish Lords. Look both ways because a couple Spanish Lords are hiding and taking cover behind trash piles. It is recommended to shoot one of the fuel tanks.

Now shoot the various guards. Some thugs are on garage roofs and have powerful firearms, so try to take cover.

Run to the abandoned garage indicated by a yellow marker, and upon entering, you must execute the two remaining goons. They have armor and will take several shots to kill, and are also armed with Pump-Action Shotguns.

Advance towards Max (who is tied up on a chair), and let him go. Exit the junkyard so the police can investigate, and get in the Bobcat.

Drive Max to the nearby hospital, but be careful because four thugs in Turismos are going to strike revenge on Mark and even try to waste him with Micro Uzis.

Once you deliver Max to the hospital, your mission is accomplished.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Albert: Oh shit, Mark! Bad news, dude!

Mark: What's the matter? You seem like you are in a rush.

Albert: News flash, news flash! Max never responded to any of my text messages ever since you started working for me.

Mark: I've had a similar experience. I investigated his house, but all I found was a sticky note and bloody...

Albert: Shit, thanks for reminding me. Speaking of that, he's being held at a junkyard over at Sunnyside. Get over there, FAST, or else he's dead meat.


  • Trying to get to the junkyard by aircraft will get you shot down by two thugs with rocket launchers.