Modern Yakuza Symbol
Games: The After Dark Scene
Locations: Japan, Staunton, San Andreas
Leader: Hayato Hiroyuki
Leaders: Asuka Kasen † Kazuki Kasen †
Type: Japanese Criminal Syndicate
Enemies: Colombian Cartel, Triads
Colors: Various, Mostly red
Weapons: Uzi, Pistol, Masana
Businesses: Gambling, Human Slavery
Fronts: Casinos, Gambling Dens
Members: Jackie Hiroyuki

Yakuza (Japanese: 極道), are members of a transnational organized crime syndicate in Japan and the United States. The Yakuza call themselves "Harukichi-gumi" (任侠団体} after their founder. The group is notorious for their strict codes of conduct and very organized nature, though this has dwindled due to the new generation of recruits. They have a large presence in Japan and a slight presence in America with an estimated 33,000 members.

Due to the modern age, the Yakuza are forced to lower their standards when recruiting new members. In the past, choice recruits came from the traditional bakuto gambler and tekiya peddler classes, but today a rebel spirit and a willingness to commit a crime for an oyabun are all that is necessary to join the western Yakuza ranks. The new members currently come from the Bosozuku, street punks known for their love of music and motorcycles.


They managed to establish their organization in America with their ruthless violence and expansive drive.