Yutes (New Leaf)
Locations: Charming, Johnston County
Leader: Yutes Boss
Yutes Lieutenant (player-determined)
Yutes Pilot (player-determined)
Type: Street gang
Enemies: Kazeraida MC
Heartworks Mob
Affiliations: Johnston County Triads
Colors: Green
Vehicles: Shark
Shark Turbo
Weapons: Baseball bats
Mini SMG
Businesses: Drug Dealing/Smuggling
Arms Trafficking
Fronts: Yutes Salvage Yard
Shaky Ground Mill
Members: Yutes Boss Deathmatch marker GTA V

Yutes Lieutenant GTADet

Yutes Pilot
Yutes Co-Pilot

Yutes is a minor street gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf


The Yutes have a long standing alliance with the Johnston County Triads and often sell them drugs or purchase drugs from them while protecting each others ventures. The Yutes have feud with the Kazeraida for unknown reasons. Despite mostly being in villages and in towns; they are not considered a redneck gang by normal standards


The Yutes mostly drive around in Sharks, Sharkshoes, and/or Shark Turbos. They always in a group of three and usually have green-themed clothes.

Mission appearances


  • Yutes Boss (Deceased)
  • Yutes Lieutenant - Vice-Leader (Can be Killed)
  • Yutes Pilot - Vice-Leader
  • Yutes Co-Pilot - Vice-Leader
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