Zion Freeman
Zion Freeman.jpeg
Zion Freeman, 1986
Appearance(s): The King of Crack
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 6th, 1965
Place of birth: Davis
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Ballas

Zion Freeman was a drug lord and Ballas OG in Davis, San Andreas.



Zion was born in 1965 on July 6th in the city of Davis to Nathaniel and Kayla Freeman. His brother, David, was born a year earlier. In 1969, Zion' father, who was 28 at the time, was drafted into the US Army during the December lottery draft, and was sent to Vietnam. Nathan died in the Battle of FSB Ripcord in 1970.


Zion and his brother grew up without a father, but OG Elijah acted as a father-figure to them and groomed them to become Ballas. In 1982, they were initiated into the gang. Zion grew fiercely loyal to the Ballas, and was respected by many in the gang for his prowess as a gunman and drug dealer.


In 1986, Zion and his brother David participated in a dozen shootings that were ordered by OG Elijah, the leader of the Davis City Ballas. After a drive-by that Elijah participated in cost the lives of several children, he stepped down and David and Caleb Booker (another Ballas gangster) became co-leaders of the DCB.


Zion was armed with a Glock 17 from his initiation to the Ballas until his last moments. He rarely used any other weapons, unless in a shootout, where he'd use his trusty AKM (acquired in 1988). Zion used a Tec-9 during drug deals or in situations where something more intimidating than a pistol was required.

Zion's vehicle of choice was a Washington.


  • Zion Freeman, like Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), was born on July 6th and was shot nine times; in Zion's case, the shooting was fatal.
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